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Trauma Therapy

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Are you carrying the weight of past traumas, each day feeling like a struggle, and the past haunting your present?

I feel you! I have been there too and there are ways you can unload that weight!

Trauma comes in various forms, from physical accidents and emotional abuse to combat experiences and natural disasters. The aftermath of trauma can manifest in different symptoms, including anxiety, flashbacks, and emotional numbness. But there's hope—trauma doesn't have to define your life. Somatic therapy offers a transformative path that addresses the root causes of trauma, providing lasting relief and a brighter future.

Unmasking the Many Faces of Trauma

Trauma is an intricate and multifaceted experience. It can emerge from various sources, including:

1. Physical Trauma: These traumas often involve accidents, injuries, or physical assaults. They can leave a profound impact on your body, mind, and emotions.


2. Emotional Trauma: Emotional trauma can result from experiences like childhood neglect, emotional abuse, or the loss of a loved one. These experiences can create lasting emotional scars.


3. Psychological Trauma: This type of trauma typically includes experiences like combat, witnessing a violent event, or surviving a natural disaster. Psychological trauma can affect your mental well-being and daily functioning.


4. Sexual Trauma: Experiences such as sexual assault or harassment can lead to sexual trauma. The aftermath of sexual trauma often involves complex emotional and psychological challenges.


5. Developmental Trauma: Trauma experienced during crucial developmental stages can influence your sense of self and relationships throughout your life.


6. Complex Trauma: Complex trauma is a result of exposure to multiple traumatic events over a prolonged period. It can lead to a range of emotional and psychological symptoms.

Trauma's effects can be widespread, touching every aspect of your life, from your sense of safety and trust to your emotional well-being. Common symptoms of trauma may include:

  • Flashbacks: Vivid and distressing memories of the traumatic event that feel as if they are happening again.

  • Anxiety and Panic Attacks: Overwhelming feelings of fear and dread, often accompanied by physical sensations like a racing heart.

  • Emotional Numbness: Feeling disconnected from your emotions or others, as if you're operating on autopilot.

  • Hypervigilance: Being in a constant state of alertness, anticipating danger, and finding it difficult to relax.

  • Avoidance: Steering clear of situations, people, or places that remind you of the traumatic event.

  • Insomnia and Sleep Disturbances: Difficulty falling asleep, staying asleep, or experiencing nightmares related to the trauma.

Therapy Denver, counseling in Denver, therapist in Denver,  online therapy Colorado online therapy Denver, Brainspotting therapy in Denver, somatic therapy Denver life coach Denver, life coach near me, therapist near me, trauma Therapy in Denver,  somatic therapy

Somatic Therapy: Your Path to Root Cause Resolution

Somatic therapy is a highly effective approach designed to address the root causes of trauma, rather than merely managing its symptoms. It recognizes the profound connection between your body and mind, understanding that emotional experiences are not limited to your thoughts and feelings; they are held within your body.

In your journey to trauma therapy in Denver, somatic therapy offers a holistic approach. It empowers you to explore the intricate connection between your body, mind, and emotions. By doing so, you can access the root causes of your trauma and pave the way for deep healing and lasting relief.

Understanding the Depth of Unprocessed Trauma

Trauma often leaves unprocessed emotions and experiences within your body. These unresolved feelings can create emotional tension, discomfort, and distress. Your body responds to these unprocessed emotions by triggering various symptoms, acting as a signal that unresolved issues require your attention. These symptoms are not merely surface-level reactions; they are your body's way of saying, "Please pay attention, something needs your care."

Somatic therapy provides a safe and supportive space for you to explore and release these unprocessed emotions. It enables your body to let go of the emotional baggage it has been carrying. This therapeutic process goes beyond symptom management; it focuses on getting to the root causes of your trauma, fostering authentic healing, and helping you regain control over your life.

Healing the Impact of Unresolved Trauma

Unresolved trauma can leave profound imprints on your nervous system, influencing your emotional and physical well-being. It can lead to a heightened state of alertness, emotional distress, and a range of symptoms that affect your daily life.

Somatic therapy recognizes that trauma is not merely a narrative; it's an experience that resides within your body. Through somatic techniques, you can access and release the stored trauma, allowing your nervous system to return to a state of balance and regulation. This profound healing process transcends symptom management and offers you the opportunity to reclaim your life.

Somatic therapy in Denver, online therapy in Denver, Life coaching Denver
Somatic therapy in Denver, online therapy in Denver, Life coaching Denver
Somatic therapy in Denver, online therapy in Denver
Life coaching Denver

Your Journey with Somatic Therapy in Denver

Envision your journey through trauma therapy with somatic therapy as a voyage of self-discovery and healing. Here's what you can anticipate along the way:


1. Initial Assessment

Your journey commences with an initial assessment. This is the opportunity for us to understand the specific challenges you face due to trauma, including any underlying emotions and experiences. Together, we'll craft a personalized treatment plan designed to address your unique needs and objectives.


2. Building Awareness

Somatic therapy places a strong emphasis on self-awareness. You'll learn to tune into the sensations within your body, discovering how they correspond to your emotions. This heightened awareness becomes a powerful tool for recognizing and addressing unprocessed trauma.


3. Exploring Emotions

Within our therapeutic sanctuary, you'll begin to explore your emotions and their somatic manifestations. You'll identify where tension or discomfort resides within your body, and together, we'll gently navigate through these sensations. This process enables you to access and process the unprocessed trauma that underlies your symptoms.

4. Releasing and Healing

As you engage in somatic therapy, you'll find the opportunity to release and heal. Unprocessed trauma will find a pathway to expression and resolution. This process empowers you to let go of emotional burdens and transform your relationship with your past.

5. Developing Coping Strategies

Somatic therapy equips you with practical coping strategies to manage the aftermath of trauma in your day-to-day life. These strategies are rooted in your newfound self-awareness and emotional regulation, enabling you to respond to triggers and symptoms in healthier and more effective ways.

6. Achieving Lasting Relief

The ultimate objective of somatic therapy is to assist you in achieving lasting relief from the effects of trauma. By addressing the root causes and fostering genuine healing, you can experience a profound transformation. Instead of simply managing symptoms, you can progress toward a life where trauma no longer dictates your existence.

Your Decision to Heal

Your decision to embark on the journey of trauma therapy with somatic therapy in Denver is a powerful and transformative choice. It's an investment in your well-being, an opportunity to address the root causes of your trauma, and a pathway to lasting relief. By acknowledging that trauma often results from deeper, unprocessed emotions and experiences, you're taking a significant step toward healing.

I am here to support you on this journey. I provide a safe, compassionate, and non-judgmental space for your healing process. Together, we'll explore the depths of your emotions, release the burdens you've carried for so long, and guide you toward a life beyond trauma—where peace, resilience, and well-being are not distant dreams but your daily reality.

The path to healing is within your reach. Are you ready to take the first step? Contact us today to embark on your journey to lasting relief from trauma in Denver. Your healing and transformation await. Schedule your fee 30-minute consultation today! 

Somatic therapy in Denver, online therapy in Denver, Life coaching Denver

in Denver

Individual 50 min therapy sessions in-person

with a counselor/therapist in Denver 

Somatic therapy in Denver, online therapy in Denver, Life coaching Denver

in Denver

Individual 50 min online therapy sessions via Zoom 

with a counselor/therapist in Denver 

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